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Cleaning the house is one of those necessary jobs we all have to do, but it is all too easy to leave the tough stains for another day once we have scrubbed the bathrooms, disinfected the kitchen and washed the floors.

Well, one mum who has discovered a great cleaning hack using paracetamol to remove stubborn dirt marks no longer has to delay her deep clean, as she can get rid of blemishes in a matter of minutes.

Rebecca Harris told the Mirror that she uses the painkiller to lift stains from an iron, leaving it completely clean.

“A lot of people are shocked by it, but it’s quick and easy to do and paracetamol is so cheap,” the 36-year-old told the news provider.

Someone else has come up with an innovative way to remove a blemish from clothing, with Emily Witkop explaining to the NYPost she dabs a sanitary towel with club soda to blot the stain.

“One trick is not only to use the ever-handy club soda to lift the stain, but to put it on a sanitary napkin to blot the stain,” Ms Witkop explained, adding that tissues or napkins end up leaving paper residue on clothing and, therefore, are not as effective.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, the Washington Post noted that edges are particularly hard to keep clean, no matter how much you vacuum. This is because carpets that have not been effectively sealed filter out carbon particles, which results in a build-up and leads to dirty-looking edges.

Homeowners could reseal the carpet, or, for a more sustainable option, hire professional Gerrards Cross carpet cleaners to keep your floor in top condition. 

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