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It’s that time of the year when the leaves are falling off trees, it is windy and rainy, and everyone walks through the door with soggy wet shoes. However, if you want to keep your office free from muddy footprints this autumn, read on.


  • Get good-quality shoe mats

Shoe mats might not be the obvious thing to find at the entrance to an office, but if you want to save your carpets from getting ruined during the colder months, they could be worth investing in.

Putting them at the front door so staff have to walk over them as they enter will help get rid of excess water and any mud from their shoes, reducing the amount of dirt brought into the building itself.

Rubber shoe mats are particularly effective at extracting large debris and moisture from footwear if your office is in a more rural location.


  • Hire carpet cleaners

Short of asking staff to take their shoes off when they come into the building, it is hard to avoid some muddy marks left on the carpet over autumn and winter.

However, if you hire reliable Windsor carpet cleaning experts, they can remove stains effectively so your flooring can look as good as new.

You might choose to do this once the weather is better to remove any stains left from the colder months, or many companies utilise these services regularly so their carpets are well-maintained all year round.


  • Change the flooring

The most drastic step to take is to change the flooring altogether. If your staff members typically wear heavy boots or are in muddy areas, and therefore, are more likely to bring lots of debris and dirt into the office, you might decide to get rid of the carpets altogether.

Fitting laminate or wood instead could make looking after your flooring a whole lot easier at this time of the year.

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