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Most people don’t live in their own houses without making sure that a certain level of cleanliness is maintained. You might even find that you take that mentality out of the home and apply it to a pub, restaurant or hotel you visit. No matter where your business is based in the UK – from Beaconsfield to Gerrards Cross – routine carpet cleaning is essential for making sure customers return.

A report from Procter & Gamble Professional (via Laundry and Cleaning News) found that 91 per cent of people believed that cleanliness was an important sign of the business they’re visiting for its food.

The survey, which was conducted with 2,000 customers, identified that unpleasant or bad odours ranked highest for customers visiting a hotel or restaurant at 56 per cent, while 27 per cent said dirty floors, carpets and dining items like dishes and cutlery.

Whether it’s allowing dogs in the business, different drinks or food dropped on the floor or people coming in from the rain, there’s no doubt that an unpleasant smell will start to emerge from carpets. You will want to ensure that you’re doing a deep scrub on a regular basis, especially as dirt can build up in no time and it’s easy to be complacent with how clean it is.

You’ll know that first impressions are the most important aspect for any new customer and it could be damaging if their standards are not met – or exceeded – on their visit. In fact, it could have a long-term impact if a customer decides to write a review online and makes it difficult to repair a bad reputation and attract new people.

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