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Even if you regularly vacuum and clean your carpets, the edges in particular can be difficult to keep in top condition.

An article for the Washington Post recently answered a reader’s query about how best to tackle stains on the edges of a white carpet, and provided some interesting tips, as well as information about why the edges of carpets can be particularly susceptible to staining.

Many of the stains in these areas are caused by the carpet effectively filtering out carbon particles as they enter the room through a gap. This is because the carpet hasn’t been effectively sealed, or because the seal has been broken.

It’s a more common problem in older homes, the news provider noted, adding that the only way to prevent it from continuing is to replace the carpet, or get a fitter to reseal it and relay the carpet.

From a cleaning perspective, the advice is to pay for a professional cleaning company to get the edges as clean as possible. Then it’s up to you to vacuum regularly and in particular to make sure you use the crevice cleaning tool to clean along the skirting boards.

If you’re moving to a new home and you notice this problem, you may want to hire professionals for Gerrards Cross carpet cleaning to ensure you start with your carpets in the best possible condition.

Getting rid of stains is just one reason why you should have your carpets cleaned when you move to a new property. Other reasons for this are to remove any pet hair and to get rid of any germs.

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