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With Christmas just around the corner, you may be hosting parties or friends at your home. That means you’ll want it to look its best – and also that you’ll more than likely need to do some cleaning up after your guests have gone home.

If you need some cleaning tips, the experts from Molly Maid in the US have been sharing some advice with Arkansas Today.

One thing that you may need to deal with is a wine spillage on your carpet. Don’t panic if this does happen, as you can lift the stain if you act quickly. Sprinkling a little salt on the red wine will help to prevent it from setting.

Although there are various options open to you, carpet cleaning products are among the most effective, although you can try sparkling water if you don’t have any cleaning products to hand.

If someone smashes a glass then the experts also have an unusual tip for how to ensure you pick up all the tiny shards – use a piece of bread. It might sound odd, but after you’ve cleaned up the obvious pieces of glass and swept, you can use a slice of bread to get the remaining tiny particles.

Simply take the slice of bread and press it into the floor where the breakage occurred. Keep pressing until you can see that it’s coated with glass.

Of course you can always call in the experts for Gerrards Cross carpet cleaning if you feel your floors need a bit more attention.

Recently an article for This Is Insider suggested that deep cleaning carpets is best left to the experts because they have all the equipment and products required to do a thorough job.

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