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As lovely as it is to have beautiful wooden floors and underfloor heating, we here at Martin’s Carpet Cleaning Company knew it was only a matter of time before fashionable homeowners the length and breadth of the UK realised just how lovely carpeting actually is.

According to a new report in the Daily Telegraph, it seems that big-name designers are also starting to turn their attention to the humble carpet once more, coming up with all sorts of interesting, unique and “fashion-forward” aesthetics for their customers.

Alternative Flooring, for example, has teamed up with fabric house Zoffany for its latest collection of stunning patterned carpets, with marble, crackle prints and luxe geometry all at an affordable price.

And then there’s Herefordshire-based company Roger Oates which has just launched a new collection with designer Abigail Ahern, whose range includes striped runners and rugs in beautiful plum and grey shades.

If you’re not sure about going completely carpeted, trialling the look with rugs is a good way to see if you like it without spending lots of money in one go.

When positioning your rugs under furniture, make sure the front legs are on the rug and the back legs are off, helping to connect your furnishings together but with a sense of proportion in the space. Alternatively, you could have none of your furniture at all touching the rug, which will create an entirely different look but one that works just as well.

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